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Attention: Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Job Seekers

Attention: Cleveland (East Cuyahoga County) and Akron (Driving to Cuyahoga County) Job Seekers
Notice: Meal Delivery Driver To Work In Cuyahoga County Needed

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Below is a list of current job openings at Mobile Meals Inc.  (Two (2) Positions Currently Available)

Position 1: Please Click Here To Apply Via Online Application:



Responsible for processing and providing meal/product delivery to Mobile Meals clients.  Reports directly to the Customer Service Director.


  1. High school equivalency.
  2. Good verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Must be able to provide own transportation to comply with Mobile Meals emergency procedures, vehicle must meet all the safety and maintenance requirements made by the State Highway Patrol inspection.
  4. Must have valid Ohio driver’s license and insurance as required by the State of Ohio to operate a motor vehicle.
  5. Must be able to work flexible hours in the performance of duties.
  6. Must have a good driving record.
  7. Must register a satisfactory TB test, criminal background check and drug test prior to and as a condition of employment.
  8. A Commercial Driver’s License is preferred but not required.
  9. Must be physically able lift and carry up to 25lbs, and deliver, in all weather conditions.

Functions/ Responsibilities

All responsibilities considered essential functions

Organize the delivery by order of clients and products.  This includes mapping and making necessary routing changes as warranted for a change in delivery schedule.

  1. Maintain timely meal delivery and report client concerns to appropriate Mobile Meals staff.
  2. Document meal delivery according to the policies set forth by Mobile Meals and its funders.  Obtain and complete all other necessary documentation as required by Mobile Meals Policy and/ or Mobile Meals funders.
  3. Report delivery problems as required.
  4. Attend training sessions as required.  This will include a class on maintenance of vehicles, safety, and behind the wheel driving techniques to be completed annually.
  5. Employees must notify Mobile Meals of any changes in their vehicle insurance coverage, driver’s license status, or report any traffic violations or criminal activity which they have been charged or convicted.
  6. Employees driving for Mobile Meals are responsible for the safety and upkeep of their assigned vehicle.
  7. Represent Mobile Meals, Inc. positively to the community.

All responsibilities are essential functions of the position.

Note:  A criminal background check is a condition of employment.

Position 2: Please Click Here To Apply Via BVU Encore Fellowship Website: BVU Encore Fellowship Website

Responsibilities include:

  • Thoroughly analyze MM current meal production and delivery operations (all sites, routes)
  • Develop a MM-specific supply-chain model, including KPIs for ongoing analytics (delivery, kitchens, locations, costs, etc.)
  • Propose modifications to business processes to lower expenses / increase impact
  • Outline long-range plan for cost reducing opportunities, including equipment, locations, software, staffing.

Term: 1,000 hours over a 12-month period
Location: Akron, OH
Stipend: $20,000/year

The ideal candidate will have significant professional achievement in either the corporate or nonprofit sector, and bring a mix of supply chain skills—both strategic and operational. The person must have the skills to get deep into data analysis in order to develop a supply chain “model” that allows cost, revenue and client service trade-offs to be evaluated.

To apply, submit online application by following this link Apply for Mobile Meals Fellowship..

The BVU Encore Fellows Program matches the talents of highly skilled professionals with local nonprofits to engage a transformative project that benefits the community. For more information, visit their webpage BVU Encore Fellowship

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