Three (3) Frozen Therapeutic Meal Options Now Available:

  • Cardiac (Modified Cholesterol, Fat and Sodium Content)
  • Renal (Restricted Sodium and Potassium)
  • Puree (Helps with Difficulties with Chewing, Swallowing, or to meet Soft Diet Requirements)

The purpose of Mobile Meals Inc. is to provide quality meals and nutrition services to individuals of all ages who are at nutritional risk. Mobile Meals is excited to present a new line of specialized frozen therapeutic meals to meet the needs of our clients. There is also a (1) Cardiac diet option available which has modified cholesterol, fat and sodium content, a (2) Puree option that helps with difficulties with chewing, swallowing, or to meet soft diet requirements) as well as a (3) Renal diet option with restricted sodium and potassium.

Mobile Meals will work closely with any physician or health care professional to establish what meal options best meet client needs. Our staff includes licensed social workers and registered dietitians, which are trained on how to meet nutritional needs as well as assist with supporting clients in a holistic way through the continuum of care, and link them to additional community support.

Please Note: Mobile Meals has a variety of nutrition related products and services available to meet an individual’s needs. These services include additional frozen meal options, nutritional supplements, as well as grocery shopping and hot meals. Some products have limited service areas. Nutritional education or counseling is also available. Mobile Meals serves those of all ages and in all economic levels. Frozen meals from Mobile Meals are convenient, healthy and simple to make because they can be easily reheated in the microwave or oven.

Subsidized funding may be available for those who qualify.

To find out more information, please contact Elaine Seyerle, DTR (Dietetic Technician Registered). You can reach her by telephone at 330-376-7717 extension 154 or via email (Click Send Email) Send Email.