Our convenient frozen meals can be stored and heated up as needed; they’re a great option for clients who need meal services but can’t be home every day for hot meal delivery.  Frozen complete meals are available throughout our service area.

· Menus are created by a registered dietician and rotate seasonally
· Meets one third of your daily nutrition requirements
· Diabetic friendly and no salt added
· Can be heated in a microwave or oven; heating instructions are included
· Meals available in packs of 5 or 2; meal packs delivered on a 5 week rotation
· Meals include an entrée, a starch, and two vegetable sides plus bread and milk
· Includes occasional juice and desserts
· No pork or no fish restrictions available on request
· Breakfast meals available

Available for pickup or free, convenient home delivery

Click Here For Frozen Complete Menus and Nutritional Information 

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