Meals on Wheels specializes in addressing the unique needs of America’s most vulnerable and high-risk senior and disabled populations. For more than 40 years, our services have effectively improved health outcomes and quality of life for millions of clients each year, while reducing risks, hospital readmissions and overall healthcare costs.

Meals on Wheels Health is an initiative of Meals on Wheels America that brings together the nationwide Meals on Wheels network in support of the healthcare system’s achievement of its triple bottom line goals. We can accomplish this because of our trusted and unique ability to cross the threshold into seniors’ homes, giving us the advantage to better assess and deliver on the individualized needs of high-risk and special needs beneficiaries. Through our services, we:
Improve and support patient health and recovery by delivering nutritious meals;
Increase well-being that supports patient health by providing the human contact that reduces isolation, depression and anxiety; and
Reduce negative impacts on patient health by assessing home environments and addressing threats or risks.
Fueled by a commitment to address senior hunger and isolation, Meals on Wheels provides the basic support that seniors need to maintain their health and independence in virtually every community in America.


Millions of seniors rely on Meals on Wheels and tens of thousands more are on waiting lists across the country. In just minutes, you can help #SaveLunch for these seniors by sending one email urging your elected officials to increase federal funding for Meals on Wheels before January 19. Every email counts, and the more we’re able to send, the harder it will be for Congress to ignore.

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