The following types of meals are available:

  • Hot Meals (Regular & Diabetic) – For Home Delivered and Congregate Dining Center Clients – Meals meet one-third of DRI requirements (Dietary Reference Intake)
  • Frozen Lunch/Dinner Meals (Regular Meals & Budget Friendly 3-Comp Meals) – For Pickup or Home Delivery
  • Frozen Breakfast Meals – For Pickup or Home Delivery
  • Therapeutic (Frozen) Meals – are designed to meet specific dietary restrictions such as Pureed (modified texture for those clients who may have chewing or swallowing difficulties and need altered textures), Cardiac (Modified Cholesterol, Fat and Sodium Content) and Renal (Restricted Sodium and Potassium) meals.
  • Kosher Meals – Hot and Frozen Kosher Meals available from a certified Kosher kitchen prepared according to prescribed Jewish dietary regulations

Hot Meals are available for those who are home-bound, unable to prepare meals or need assistance for any other reason.  A confidential needs assessment is conducted by a Mobile Meals staff member to determine a meal plan that meets each client’s needs.

We also deliver meals in small and large volumes to nursing homes, senior day-care centers and other facilities — both on a regular basis or as relief in emergencies.

The cost of regular meals (hot) is $7.25 and kosher meals (hot or frozen) are available at a cost of $8.95. Therapeutic and modified texture meals cost is $8.95.

**Limited subsidy funds may be available to assist those who cannot afford the full cost**

Frozen Meals are useful alternatives to hot meals and are available in a variety of menu choices (see below). These meals have a storage life of six months and are available in five-day and two-day packages. The cost of non-therapeutic (regular) frozen meals is $7.25 each.

Budget Frozen Friendly Meals are available at a cost of $3.25 and they consist of an entrée with two sides.

Frozen Breakfasts meals are available at a cost $7.25.

Frozen Therapeutic meals are available at $8.95.

**Limited subsidy funds may be available to assist those who cannot afford the full cost.**

Other Meal Options:

Boxed Lunches are available on request.

Emergency (Blizzard Boxes) Lunches: Blizzard Boxes are used in an emergency or on winter days when normal meal deliveries cannot be made.

Please Note: Menu items & services are subject to change and are at the sole discretion of Mobile Meals, Inc.